Job DescriptioN – Results Manager

Job DescriptioN - Results Manager

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Create Date 22 mars 2019
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The Results Manager will be the intellectual and operational lead in their area(s) of responsibility;
covering all aspects of the monitoring, evaluation and learning system across TMEA. This will ensure
that timely and accurate information is available to TMEA on progress against the achievement of
results. As well as ensuring timely reporting of results achieved, the job holder will ensure that:
interventions embed sound logic in their design; robust frameworks to monitor and report progress
are established; baseline and performance data is regularly collected; and implementation teams are
supported to make use of M&E data to reflect on progress and adapt programming to changing
conditions. The Results Manager will also play a lead role in ensuring that TMEA maintains its focus as
a results-oriented organisation and embeds a learning culture; supporting the capturing and recycling
of knowledge into more effective programming. The job holder will manage and mentor a Results
Officer supporting that individual to perform their role effectively and meet their personal
development objectives.

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